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Nowadays speaking foreign languages is crucial in the business world – and maybe this is a thorn in your foot.

We offer courses for individuals and groups of 6 persons at most. For further information, please contact us. The lessons are priced at 50€ an hour excluding taxes Il faudra ajouter à cela les frais de déplacement de nos formateurs depuis notre centre de formation.

The lessons may take place in your premises, at the time that suits you. A personal monitoring of each student will be performed to evaluate their progress. You may chose between a variety of options, depending on your need. 

Learn4Speaking is registered under number 41 54 03426 54. This registration does not equate to state agreement.



Personal Training Account (CPF)

The Personal Training Account (CPF) is a system that allows you to evolve in your career and have access to continuous training.

This system was designed for employees from private companies, job seekers and youngsters who are at least 16 years old and wish to enter the job market.

For the whole duration of your professionnal career, you can take lessons even if you change jobs or companies, since the CPF is linked to you and not your contract.
You can attend the lessons allowed by your CPF during 5 years after its creation.
The CPF’s aim is to allow you to improve your language skills.

In the same logic as the ‘Compte Personnel de Formation’ (CPF – Personal Training Account), language training programmes must open the way to an official certificate. The following programmes are eligible:


English with a TOEIC Certificate (CPF code: 131204)

English, Spanish, German and French for foreigners with a BULATS Certificate (CPF code: 131205).

There’s no excuses left no to get the training you need!

Connect on CPF website!


How to use your CPF ?

There are two methods to use your CPF:

For people who wish to attend lessons outside of their working hours: you can take the courses with no need for an approval from your employer.

For people who wish to take their lessons during their working hours: first, you will need a written approval from your employer. Your salary will be maintained during the hours dedicated to lessons.
Except in these cases: Internships, which grant acquisition of basic knowledge (reading, writing, counting) and other skills (office equipment, computers, foreign languages), or internships emerging from contracts between companies/branches.


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